DEFI Gestion SA, founded in 1990 by the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, is an advisor in the field of private equity. In 2006 it was acquired by its management following an MBO.

Today, DEFI Gestion SA has close to CHF 200 million in assets under management, for institutional as well as individual clients. The company has two teams, one of which handles the financing of more mature companies (buy-outs) and the other venture capital. Two thirds of funds are invested in buy-outs and one third in venture capital.

DEFI Gestion SA operates in the Swiss and European markets.

DEFI Gestion SA is noted for its professionalism and the exceptional quality of its work, both in the analysis that goes into each investment decision and in the way it actively manages its holdings.

The results:

  • Investors, both institutional and individual, Swiss and European, continue to demonstrate their confidence in the DEFI Gestion SA teams.
  • Those who were already invested are extending and renewing their business relations.
  • The companies to which the DEFI Gestion SA teams have been contributing their experience and expertise have expressed their satisfaction.

DEFI Gestion SA

Bd de Grancy 1

CH-1006 Lausanne

Tél. +41 21 614 3444